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Education @ 9:30A  & Worship @ 10.30A

Full Service Schedule

Connect with People + Elevate Your Life     

San Antonio First Assembly of God is all about loving God, loving people and loving life. We are a church with a vast canvas of people of all ages, backgrounds and cultures. All our ministries reach and impact the lives of every age group. From infants to the elderly, there truly is a place for everyone. Our pupose as a church is to connect people to God and each other through meaningful relationships while elevating lives to the place God has purposed.

New Service Schedule

Jan 11th

~ 10:30A Worship ~

9:30A Education

Small Groups

There are several different types of small groups you can be involved in, each with a little different angle and purpose. All are designed to "Connect People and Elevate Lives". Some are for specific number of weeks while others meet once a week, once a month or at some other periodic basis. This is one of our primary ways for people to connect with others in truly caring and meaningful relationships. Check out the various types of Small Groups here. There is one for you.

We Think Kids Rock